This conference is the 2018 edition of the IdA/EU-LAC foundation colloquium. It is organized in partnership with the French Development Agency (FDA) on May 30 and 31 2018.

Presentation of the conference

The conference will deal with the sustainable society in Europe, Latin America and Caribbean as an engine of a deep social transformation in cities. This transformation would benefit all residents including the poorest and weakest to significantly improve their living conditions, increase social inclusion and the resilience against natural disasters and climate change.


In particular we will consider three main (levers) which enable this sustainable transition to more inclusive cities: the access to (urban) essential goods and services, the employment and shared prosperity issues, but also culture as a force for social cohesion by promoting the living together and the involvement of all for (the city’s production).


Progress and innovations achieved in the two regions about green cities  (Taking into account the environmental dimension and climate change) and smart cities will be at the heart of the discussions. We will wonder if those cities are currently able to develop an urban sustainable social transformation and discuss the conditions of possibility for the emergence of more inclusive urban societies.


We will focus on the jointure of sectorial public policies especially about their concrete implementation.

The conference will gather scholars, practitioners, some (representatives) and members of civil society.


Furthermore the objective will be to critically assess the progress made and point out the priority goals to achieve. We would then propose some recommendations to optimize the synergies between actors and policies in order to build more inclusive cities.